The electric screwdriver is one of the most widely used and widely used tools among hardware tools. It can be said that every household has one or two electric screwdrivers, so the electric screwdriver plays an important role in our life.

As a product of the development of modern technological and civilized society, electric screwdrivers have the advantages of being convenient and concise, improving work efficiency, and reducing unnecessary time compared with traditional manual screwdrivers, because of the portability, convenience, and simplicity of electric screwdrivers. , In today's society, even girls can easily get started and complete the work of repairing and disassembling by themselves.

I once bought a sideboard. Then use a manual screwdriver to install according to the drawing. As a result, the installation was not completed until two o'clock in the morning, so I learned my lesson. Bought an electric screwdriver.

Bought an electric screwdriver, and later I bought a large bookshelf. This time with the blessing of an electric screwdriver. I had the bookshelf installed in half an hour. Great sense of accomplishment!

This electric screwdriver can adjust the torque. It is recommended to adjust the torque to 4 when twisting ordinary screws. Otherwise the screw will slip. And the button on the switch can adjust the thread head clockwise and counterclockwise. Clockwise is to tighten, counterclockwise is to loosen, don't get it wrong. It is recommended to idle before twisting to observe whether it is forward or reverse. The product is equipped with a 16-volt 2000-amp lithium battery. Basically, it can be used for a long time after charging once. Anyway, I will buy a few more cabinets later, and I will finish it at one time, and I don’t need to charge halfway.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. The most expensive thing in the 21st century is time. If you want to save time and do things beautifully, buy an electric switch! Can really help a lot.