Look at the actual situation of the individual!

It can be considered from the following three dimensions. In this way, you can buy a suitable lawn mower with the greatest cost performance.

Remember not the cheapest is the most cost-effective! Because the lawn mower must be used for many years after it is bought, it does not mean that it will be replaced in two or three years.

1. Lawn size and terrain

2. to use one's physical strength

3. Budget

Other little knowledge
1. There is a high probability that the engine cannot be started in spring because the oil was not drained when it was put away, so remember to drain the oil when it is put away, so as to avoid trouble when it is taken out for use in the next year.

2. Change the oil after 5 hours when the lawn mower is used for the first time, and change the oil every 30-50 hours after that. Irregular oil changes can easily lead to premature engine wear.

I hope the above can help you choose a lawn mower!