Our product Automatic packaging machine type is multi-functional packaging machine, suitable for clothing stores, building material stores, manufacturing plants, machinery repair stores, food and beverage factories, farms, restaurants, home use, retail, food stores, printing stores, construction projects, food and beverage stores and other industries, weight has 85KG, it functions as filling, packaging, sealing, can be applied to food, beverage, daily necessities, medical, chemical, machinery and hardware, clothing, Cigarettes, tobacco, etc. Packaging types are carton, stand-up pouch, film, aluminum foil, pouch, box, drive type is electric. The voltage is 220V and the origin is China. Size (L*W*H) is 430*510*1400MM. 1 year warranty. We provide mechanical test report. Factory inspection video is provided.
The warranty period for the core components is 1 year. Core components are motor, pressure vessel, pump, PLC, others, gear, bearing, engine, gear box. Production capacity can reach 5 bags/min, 20 bags/min, 7 bags/min, 6 bags/min, 40 bags/min, 9 bags/min, 25 bags/min, 8 bags/min, 15 bags/min, 10 bags/min, 50 bags/min, 30 bags/min.

Packaging machine before customization Convenient and durable . Direct manufacturer and engineer are available. Stainless steel. Quality part. Simple steps. Food grade. Feed hopper: stainless steel. Weighing device. Equipped with electronic scales. Accurate measurement and slight error. Feeder. Material comes out of it after weighing. The former. Size can be customized. It determines the width of the final product. Vertical heat sealing: Automatic sealing of the back of the bag. The temperature can be adjusted according to the different materials. Horizontal heat seal: automatically seals the top and bottom of the bag. The temperature can be adjusted according to different materials. The pouches are then cut one by one.