Our product Diesel power generator warranty is 3 months - 1 year, with ISO and CE certification. The place of origin is Liaoning, China. Rated voltage is 400/230V. rated current is 432A, speed is 1500/1800rpm, frequency is 50/60HZ. weight is 3100kgs. product name is silent diesel generator. Generator type is open, silent, ultra-silent, trailer type. Noise control to 70 db at 7m. Fuel tank has 10 hours working time. ATS, oil heater, engine heater, separator can be selected. Type is open. Can be used in communication, data center, railroad, finance, power, oil field, etc.

One key power generation continuous operation, say goodbye to the anxiety of power outages and waiting. High power copper wire motor Long service time, high power, durable Copper wire motor runs more stable. High temperature 50 degrees water tank radiator + large fan. Folding steel base Maintenance-free battery. Anti-pressure and anti-vibration pad.