Our product Automatic multifunctional pie packaging machine type is multifunctional packaging machine. It is suitable for many industries such as hotel, garment store, building material store, manufacturing factory, machinery repair store, food and beverage factory, farm, restaurant, home use, retail, food store, printing store, construction project, energy and mining industry, food and beverage store, advertising company, etc. . Weight 500KG. features are filling, packing, labeling, sealing. Applications are food, beverage, commodity, medical, chemical, machinery and hardware, garment, textile. Packaging types are sachet, film, sachet packaging materials are plastic, paper. Drive type is electric. Voltage is 220V 50/60Hz. origin is China brand name GainJoys. size (L*W*H) 4380*970*1500mm.Warranty period is 1 year. Mechanical test report can be provided. Factory inspection video can also be provided. The warranty period for the core components is 1 year. Core components are motor, PLC. production capacity 20 bags/min. Product name pillow packing machine. Material is stainless steel. Machine weight is 500KG. bag length 45-330mm bag width. 25-110mm packing film material is opp/cpp pt/pe kop/cpp alu-foil. main function is wrapping and packaging. Packing speed can reach 25-230 bags/min. Machine type is automatic bag forming filling and sealing machine.

Product Details Good workmanship, high quality and focus on professionalism. Servo motor makes the working efficiency increase several times, electric eye tracking accurately tracks the film color block and eliminates the deviation of film roll. Low running temperature. Details determine quality. Intelligent control in Chinese and English screen with touch screen control. Easy operation and smooth running. Film roll without manual work, high speed operation.