Walking tractors look really bulky, outdated, and have little technical content, giving people the feeling that they should have been eliminated long ago. But in fact, it is not the case. The hand held is widely used and has a large stock. Although the market has shrunk in recent years, the sales volume is still not small.

Walking tractor is a small tractor popular in hilly areas. It is a means of transportation and agricultural machinery. It is powered by a single-cylinder diesel engine. It has a simple structure and low power. Its small size, flexibility and strong power make it suitable for Work on small plots of land. It requires the driver to hold the armrest to control the operating mechanism, and to pull or drive the supporting agricultural implements for operation.

The walking tractor has the advantages of small turning radius, light weight, compact model, flexible operation, and strong adaptability. Equipped with different agricultural machinery, it can perform various field operations such as plowing, rotary tillage, leveling, and crushing soil. It can also be used for short-distance transportation on a trailer. When working in the field, the speed of the vehicle is slow, and accidents are generally not easy to occur. However, when engaging in road transportation, special attention should be paid to the safety issues of steering and connection.

There are great differences between walking tractors and wheeled tractors in terms of use environment and functions. Walking tractors are especially suitable for the farming environment of small paddy fields, while wheeled tractors are large in size, heavy in weight, large in farm tools, and have large The turning radius has higher requirements on plots and roads, and is more suitable for operations on larger plain plots. Therefore, walking tractors are popular in hilly areas and current small tractors because of their small size, convenience, flexible operation, strong adaptability, and low price. Under the conditions of purchasing capacity and operating conditions of scale operation, it has the advantages that wheeled tractors cannot replace, which is also the basic reason for the survival of walking tractors.