1. Objective conditions for selecting household sewing machines

(1) Choose the right machine according to your own needs: When choosing to buy a household electric sewing machine, you must first confirm what the purpose of buying the sewing machine is.

If you only buy it as an occasional mending of clothes for ordinary families or to experience the fun of DIY, then ordinary household multifunctional electric sewing machines can meet your needs well; but if you are using it for professional clothing design, or preparing If you want to open some small sewing shops, it is best to buy a professional electric sewing machine with a price of 1000 yuan or more, so the most important thing is to look at your own needs.

(2) When choosing a household sewing machine, choose a suitable brand based on word of mouth: the current household electric sewing machines on the market are mainly divided into domestic and imported ones, and many people may think that foreign brands are definitely more useful and durable, but In fact, from a technical point of view, the technology of domestic household electric sewing machines is already very mature, especially for ordinary household electric sewing machines, whether you choose a domestic brand or a foreign brand, the feeling of use is almost the same, and from In terms of price, the price of home electric sewing machines of domestic brands is much lower than that of foreign brands. Therefore, if it is only used as a machine for your own home, you can choose to buy domestic brands with good reputation~

(3) Choose the appropriate household sewing machine according to the functions you have: the development of electric sewing machines is not as simple as it was at the beginning. Owning a sewing machine with comprehensive functions can bring users more sewing fun. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the attached functions when choosing: for example, how many kinds of stitches can be provided, whether it supports double-thread two-way sewing and Seaming, whether the sewing speed is controllable, whether there is a pedal control method, etc., these are all things we need to know clearly when purchasing a sewing machine.

(4) Pay attention to accessories when choosing a household sewing machine: It is undeniable that the more accessories a household electric sewing machine has, the simpler and more convenient it will be for us to use. At present, many high-quality household sewing machine brands on the market will come with a variety of accessories: such as sewing machine needles, sewing machine bottom threads, threaders, thread folding devices, various buttons, special scissors, etc. In addition, there are some accessories such as power supplies and pedals. It is necessary when using a sewing machine and must be checked clearly when purchasing.

2. Subjective conditions for choosing household sewing machines

For my personal analysis, the most important thing in choosing a household sewing machine is the stability of the machine.

Once the thread gets stuck or jumps when sewing, even if there is any small accident, it will make my temper tantrum fall to the bottom. The other one is that I am a very impatient person. If the home sewing machine does not work stably and smoothly, simply speaking, it makes me feel that it is not very easy to use, and it will increase the probability of it being left at home.

Then let’s talk about the functions that I am very concerned about: fast threading, button sewing, buttonhole sewing, simple seaming, presser foot pressure adjustment, reverse stitching and other functions.

I don’t need to explain the threading. Generally speaking, some machines are more complicated to thread on the sewing machine. If it is not easy to use and it is difficult at the beginning, many people will choose to give up and let the machine fall into dust and no longer use it. Therefore, try not to set a high threshold in the initial test of each use, so that you don't have to make too much determination before starting to use the sewing machine every time.

(1) I think the buttoning function is quite practical, because after all, it is inevitable that the clothes will fall off in daily life. This function comes in handy and is very convenient.

(2) Sewing buttonholes is a kind of stitches. This is not too practical, but ordinary household sewing machines will have this function, so don't worry too much.

(3) Let’s talk about the hemming function. In fact, it is quite necessary when making clothes, but it’s still the same sentence. Almost all household sewing machines can only do simple hemming. If the demand is relatively high, then do some complicated ones. You need to use a special seaming machine for seaming, so if you buy a household sewing machine, as long as it has this function, the effect of seaming is similar, so you don't need to be too careful.

(4) The pressure adjustment of the presser foot is especially effective for thick and thin materials. It is recommended to consider this function when buying the machine.

(5) Reverse stitching is mainly used at the end or the beginning of sewing. It is quite effective to fix the thread ends by sewing back and forth to prevent the thread ends from spreading.