Advantages of electric pruning shears

1. Significant energy-saving benefits. The machine only consumes 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity for 1.5 hours of continuous operation, which is 0.7 yuan.

2. Higher efficiency: 8-10 times the efficiency of traditional manual pruning. Double-edged knife design, two-way trimming with high efficiency, suitable for trimming or styling.

3. Good durability and low failure rate. The operation is stable, the supporting structure of the whole machine is simple, the cutting capacity and life of the blade are high, there are few faults, and the adjustment and maintenance are more convenient.

4. The operation performance is stable, and the pruning quality can meet the requirements of gardening. The flatness of the tent surface is better than that of manual trimming, and there is basically no missing cutting.
The tear rate is less than 10%. After pruning, it is close to the natural growth state of the hedge, and the crown area formed is larger, and the pruning surface is both neat and beautiful, and the germination of buds and leaves is more orderly than that of manual pruning, and the number of germinations is more.

5. Strong safety protection function: personal/mechanical safety protection, the blade follows the wrench, and when it is stuck, the circuit self-test program will start the motor monitoring to protect the motor from burning. The protection function of both sides of the motor is controlled by the Hall chip switch; press the trigger position again to open the knife edge and then close it; the battery is overloaded, overcharged, overheated, overdischarged and underpressured, and will be protected by the circuit board to maintain normal performance.


Electric pruning shears operating instructions

1. Open the special backpack, put the electric pruning shears and batteries into the corresponding storage bag

2. Put the electric pruning shears fixedly connected to the power supply through the backpack and connect to the battery, wear the backpack (put the scissors power cord into the designated fixed buckle of the strap to prevent the wire from being cut during use)

3. Take out the electric pruning shears, turn on the battery power switch, there will be a "beep" sound, which means the battery is normally powered

4. Quickly pull the trigger 2~3 times continuously, the blade will open automatically

5. Before working, pull the trigger to let the blade run empty several times, and listen to whether there is any noise or too fast or too slow

6. Start working after normal

7. Conversion of blade opening size: Press the trigger, wait for the second sound of "didi", release the trigger immediately, and the blade opening size will be automatically converted.

8. Shut down: Changan trigger, wait until you hear the sound of "Dididi" three times, release the trigger, the blade will automatically close

9. Turn off the battery power switch