Our industrial ultrasonic humidifier products are suitable for hotels, food and beverage plants, farms, restaurants and more. The warranty period of our products is one year. The core component is the motor. Our brand name is Gainjoys, the origin is China, the voltage is 220V, the humidification capacity is three kilograms per hour, and the water inlet method is automatic water inlet or bottled water.

Infinitely adjustable fog volumeCan be large or small arbitrary regulationIntelligent control panelMicrocomputer humidity automatic control, set the requiredtemperature and humidity value, reach automatic shutdown,higher than the automatic power on。Ultrasonic humidifierLong-lasting large fogHigh-frequency waterproof nano level atomizer,high-grade waterproof fan industrial sheet metal body,automatic/manual integrated machine。Long service life, high waterproof level, corrosion resistance,fast and effective discharge of heat generated by the body, toprotect the humidifier will not be too high temperature damagecircuit failure, improve efficiency.