Our laser cutting machine engraving machine, with a cutting speed of 0-60000mm/min, is suitable for acrylic, glass, and leather. The brand is Gainjoys. The warranty period is one year. The weight is 50kg. The core component is the motor machine. The power is 300W. Machine size. 91*71*48cm. Power supply 220V/50HZ.

Use high quality accessories.Laser head:High-precision retractable laserhead. Easytoadjust the focus. Equipped with red lightpositioning system. Accurate positioning,reduce material loss.Lasertube:Closed c02 laser tube, long service life. Stable power. Installreinforcement settings. Thepower. Installreinforcement settings. The lasertube is not easy to cllide and cause damage when moving the machine.Laser protective cover:It plays arole of preventing dustduring the working process. There is anobservation window on the protective cover to check the working status of the machine.
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