To the best of one's ability, straw is the first to be human

In early summer, spring plowing is busy, and a lot of straw is left in the fields. How to deal with this straw to achieve maximum benefits?

In Anning City, the surplus straw enjoys a one-stop service of comprehensive utilization. These straw will be processed by a dedicated team, either free door-to-door "packing and taking", or free crushing and returning to the field for comprehensive utilization in the form of feed and fertilizer, turning small straw into treasure.

Early in the morning, villagers were busy packing rapeseed straw in the sightseeing farmland of Shenjiazhuang in Wenquan Street. In no time, a straw crusher arrived at the edge of the field. Under the orderly operation of the workers, the straw was crushed and loaded onto the truck

Bundles of scattered rapeseed straw quickly turned into small and easily transportable residues, which were loaded onto trucks and transported to feed companies for further processing to produce livestock feed.

The "big comeback" of small straw in Anning, from agricultural "waste" to livestock "fragrant cakes", mainly comes from the Anning Material Recycling Corporation, a subsidiary of the Anning Supply and Marketing Cooperative. Since 2021, pilot counties (cities) have been carrying out the construction of agricultural service complexes, and comprehensive utilization of straw has been carried out through the form of "government subsidies+company operation".

Amidst the rumbling sound of the machine, rapeseed straw was continuously crushed. In no time, the straw piled up like a small mountain was removed, freeing up space and winning time for the next crop of cultivation in this creative farmland.

In addition to centralized crushing, packaging and transportation, agricultural straw in Anning City is also directly returned to the field. In the scenic colored rapeseed field of over 200 acres in Wenwendian Village, rapeseed has been harvested, leaving behind coarse straw that is over one meter high. This month, colored sunflowers will be planted. The staff of Anning Material Recycling Corporation skillfully operated the machine to return straw to the fields under the scorching sun.

During this period, for thorny rose straw that is difficult to dispose of on site, Anning Material Recycling Corporation also raised nearly 1.5 million yuan to build a straw ripening center covering an area of over 2000 square meters in Fengyi Village, Bajie Street. These straw are transported to the center and crushed and fermented by specialized equipment for use in feed and composting.

According to statistics, in 2021, Anning City completed the collection of over 6000 tons of various types of straw, directly returning 134000 mu of straw to the field, and utilizing 40718 tons of feed, with a comprehensive utilization rate of 95.27%. The comprehensive utilization of straw has achieved a dual improvement in ecological and economic benefits.

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