Shallow solution to the cutting table of the disc silage harvester

The harvesting section of self-propelled silage feed harvesting machinery has various styles, mainly including disc type, reciprocating type, and chain plate type at present. Especially the disc type is the development direction of silage harvesters in recent times.

The cutting table of the disc silage machine mainly realizes the function of cutting off the harvest and conveying the whole plant of green feed raw materials such as corn. It mainly consists of a cutting disc, a reel, and a conveying channel

Equipped with 3.5m and 4.5m cutting heads, this series of cutting heads is a folding cutting head that can comprehensively balance walking and operation efficiency. It uses high-strength coated cutting blades and biomimetic cutting edges that have been verified through multiple experiments, greatly improving cutting efficiency and quality. A reasonable cutting edge can effectively reduce oil consumption and improve cutting quality; Equipped with a multi-layer staggered feeding tray, different feeding teeth are designed according to the growth characteristics and height of the entire corn plant to avoid material leakage. The feeding direction of the entire plant is adjusted through design to ensure smooth feeding, creating conditions for uniform cutting in the future. The design realizes reverse rotation, effectively solving the problem of grass blockage. The disc adopts a clutch structure to avoid hardware damage to the vehicle, and a new variable speed structure is developed to effectively reduce the cutting height.

When using the disc harvester header, the following precautions should be taken:

1. Before operating the cutting table, reverse the cutting table to prevent foreign objects from getting entangled and damaging the moving blades of the cutting roller.

2. Reasonably adjust the gap between the grass deflectors. The gap between the grass deflectors is a key component for achieving smooth feeding of grass, and the adjustment time gap should be controlled between 2-3mm and uniform.

3. Reasonably arrange homework time. In the late stage of corn harvest, especially when there is dew on the weeds, the resilience of the weeds increases. It is recommended to start work after the dew is eliminated in the late stage of harvest when there are many weeds.

4. When there is grass blockage on the disc cutter, do not worry. You can use the forward and reverse rotation function to rotate in the opposite direction. The use of a grass deflector can quickly and effectively remove weeds and restore normal operation.

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