Hedge trimmers (also known as hedge shears, tea tree trimmers) are divided into single-edged and double-edged, and can be used to trim tea trees, green belts, and small bushes. As a kind of garden machinery, many friends don't know how to use it. When using it, you must first start the machine correctly.

Usually, in the process of using the hedge trimmer, we may encounter the problem of difficulty or failure to start, how to solve this problem. Today, the editor will take you to find out!

There are many reasons why the hedge trimmer cannot be started, and the specific solution must first determine the cause of the problem. Generally, it is caused by oil circuit blockage or circuit failure. If the oil circuit is blocked, first check the spark plug. Remove the spark plug and put the top on the metal. Pull the machine to see if the spark plug has electricity. It may be caused by the contamination of the spark plug. , clean or repair. Then check the air filter, remove the air filter, and check whether the air filter is clean by the way. The air filter removes dust every 25 hours, and the dust should be more frequent. Or check the carburetor, remove the carburetor, pour some oil into the cylinder, and then start the machine, if it still cannot start, it means that the carburetor needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you have tried the above methods and still cannot solve the problem, it may be that there is a problem with the cylinder block, which requires professional maintenance.

In addition, the failure of the electric hedge trimmer circuit will also cause it to fail to start. The possible problems are motor failure, inverter failure, circuit short circuit, etc., which need to be checked one by one. This situation may occur if the hedge is not used for a long time, so in order to avoid this situation, the editor recommends to pour out the oil in the fuel tank before idle, start the machine, and burn the oil in the carburetor and cylinder to avoid clogging of residual oil carburetor.