Now there are endless power tools on the market, and the materials are also different. As ordinary consumers, how do we choose an easy-to-use screwdriver? Today, the editor specially organizes this article to help you better choose the electric screwdriver that suits you.

Point 1. Be sure to choose rechargeable and long battery life; many electric screwdrivers now claim to be electric charging, but how many can achieve both charging and long battery life? A really good electric screwdriver must take both into account, ensuring that it can be recharged and that the battery life is long enough to avoid using the electric screwdriver as a decoration.

Point two, the weight should not be too heavy; too heavy will make it more difficult to hold when using it, which will reduce work efficiency. You can imagine that when you are screwing a screwdriver with a weight of half a catty, would it be better to replace it with a light-weight ordinary screwdriver? After all, the electric screwdriver is used to free your hands. If it is still so bulky at this time, what is the point of buying an electric screwdriver?

Point 3: Complete set of bits, which can adapt to most usage scenarios; if you buy an electric screwdriver without providing more screw bits, you are playing hooligans! What consumers need is a combination of screwdrivers with comprehensive functions and various usage scenarios. If you buy an electric screwdriver at a higher price and do not provide or only provide a small amount of screwdriver bits, it is better to go to the next door to buy a traditional screwdriver. Since the upgrade tool must be practical and efficient.

Point 4: Screwdrivers, electric drills, and sockets must do everything; now with the increase in usage scenarios, people have more and more functional requirements for screwdrivers. Perhaps the most used daily screwdrivers, electric drills, and sockets, so These three functions must have!