Our product drum planters are used in manufacturing plants, farms, retail, and more. Weight 2.5 kg Dimensions (L*W*H) 33*57*60cm Core components PLC, gear .Planting distance: 13.5cm, 16.5cm, 18cm, etc. (adjustable).This seeder is a new designed model. The precision is much higher, they are also lighter and smaller, so they are more and popular among the farmers.1.one seed one hole or multi seeds one hole as required. One person every day holding a machine section sowing more than 10 acres,planting efficiency.It saves labor and seeds for you.2.They are available for most of seeds, such as corn,soybean,peanut,cotton, etc. you don' t need to buy another one. It saves a lot of money for you.3.It can complete ditching, seeding & soil covering, repressing at one step. it saves time for you.4.The seeders are much lighter and smaller, easily to operate and transport. It saves strength for you.5.Go forward: planting; Retreat: stop planting, which can save seeds. also fertilizerling and seeding 2 in 6.Portable , easy to operate and transport.1.slideway mouth seat installation is convenient: using the mouth seat on the wheel plate sliding assembly,without dismantling a large number of screws, and then with different sizes of indirect film, can be assembled into a sowing device, adjusting the size convenient, fast, time saving, labor saving. 2. a wide variety of seeds is planted: one box,multi-purpose function, seed box and seed box. When we plant large grain varieties, we use large seed boxes and small seed varieties with small gift boxes. The exchange is convenient.3.seat number. mouth adjustment range distance more, more. To adapt to a variety of plant spacing planting.4.Heavier weight of the whole machine: sowing stability.