The core components of our industrial chiller products are the engine and the pump. The warranty period is one year. The origin is China. Voltage 380V/50Hz Weight 50kg Size (L*W*H) 75*52*80Using the original Panasonic, Copeland compressor 3.73 high energy efficiency ratio, energy saving 20%,scroll compressor, the sound of running just like whispering.Punp control panel, (low failure rate/ good stability/ durable/easy maintenance) Schneider electric accessories, international export chiller,standard safety protection device.The water tank interface is made of stainless steel with external thread, which is corrosion- resistant and durable.V-fin ling condenser, increase the heat dissipation area,heat dissipation effect is better.External rotor fan, 1300 RPM strong wind,large air volume, small vibration, fast heat dissipation High efficiency, low energy consumption, stable and durable,can be customized according to customer demands for differente power and stainless steel water pumps,different needs to choose different water pumps.