The ball mill is composed of main devices such as feeding device, transmission device, rotating device, discharging device (small transmission gear, reducer, electric control, motor). The hollow shaft is made of cast steel and the lining plate can be replaced. The rotating gear is machined by casting hobbing. The grinding bin contains the liner plate and steel balls.
1. Transmission section: There are two parts: the edge drive and the central drive, in addition to an auxiliary drive series. The pinion is supported by self-aligning roller bearings and is connected by a flexible coupling. Hard and medium-hard gears are selected as required. 2. Support section: High and low pressure hydrostatic bearings with spherical surfaces complete the self-aligning. There are two types of support parts: hollow shaft support parts and slide shoe support parts. The bearing seat and bearing sleeve are set with water cooling device and automatic temperature measuring device.
3. Rotary part: The cylinder of the cement ball mill is made of high quality carbon structural steel, which is formed by automatic welding. The cylinder of the cement ball mill is annealed to eliminate stress and machined.
Product features
1. The ball mill combines the functions of grinding, washing and sanding in one, with the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, large processing capacity and convenient operation.
It has low noise, large processing capacity and easy operation and maintenance.
2. It can not only finely grind the ore, but also protect the flake crystal form of flake minerals. 3. The grinding cylinder is made of polymer or alloy material, there is no iron pollution during the grinding process, which will not affect the finished product.
4. The particle size ratio is scientific. The grinding of 1 t of material consumes only 100 medium (equivalent to the mass of 0.01 medium mixture). 5. Continuous wet operation.High degree of automation.