Our product Stainless steel air shower Stainless steel Made of stainless steel for a smooth and clean surface and quality assurance. Control panel Shows blowing time and status for greater effectiveness. 360° nozzle Adjustable rotating nozzle for cleaner cleaning. Backflow window Reduces contamination problems in and out of the clean room.
Stainless steel base plate throughout. HEPA filter. Door window with toughened glass. Fully automatic infrared sensor hairdryer and shower. Astronergy' intermediate relay, time relay (soft key push button type). LED display. Adjustable range. 0 - 99s. Door closes automatically when activated. Automatic door closer for ultra-quiet and low pressure. Stainless steel nozzle.' Nantai' twin-wheeled out-of-case motor. Wind speed > 25m/s. Low noise curved angle, 1,000 static class, patented product.