The difference between diesel generators and gasoline generators.
1. The fuel is different. The fuel of a diesel generator is diesel, and the fuel of a gasoline generator is gasoline.
2. There are different types of ignition. Gasoline generators are ignited by spark plugs; diesel generators are ignited by the heat formed by compression.
3. The power range is different. The general gasoline generator power is between 0.5-10kw; the diesel generator power range is 8-2000kw.
4. The cooling methods are different. Gasoline generators are mainly air-cooled, small in size and easy to move; diesel generators are mainly water-cooled, large in size and inconvenient to move.
5. The places of use are different. Gasoline generators are generally used for home lighting and air conditioning, while diesel generators are mainly used for main and backup power supplies in hotels, breeding enterprises, and chemical enterprises.