What types of lawn mower are there? 


There are three types of lawn mower, one is electric lawn mower, which is easy to operate and flexible in construction. One is a knapsack lawn mower, which is characterized by being suitable for high-intensity operations, low fuel consumption, small vibration, and light weight. There is also a walk-behind lawn mower. You can choose according to your personal needs when purchasing.


High Power Electric lawn mower Small Backpack Mower Landscaping lawn mower Electric lawn mower Precautions


  1. When mowing, don't go barefoot or wear sandals, generally wear overalls and work shoes.
  2. Familiar with the operation process, carefully read thelawn mowermanual, and know that in an emergency, turn off the engine in time.
  3. Make sure the grass is clear of sticks, rocks, wires, and other debris that could be thrown up by the mower blades and hurt.
  4. Always shut off the engine and remove the spark plug guards when clearing snags, inspecting, or servicing yourlawn mower.
  5. Check all parts carefully before use to ensure that the mower blade is firmly connected to the mower. Replace old and damaged blades or screws in sets so that the machine does not run smoothly. Damaged blades and screws are dangerous.
  6. Check all nuts, screws and bolts frequently to make sure your mower is in safe operating condition.
  7. Do not mow the grass if there are people, especially children or pets, in the area where the grass is being mowed.
  8. Mow when the weather is good.
  9. Keep your feet away from the mower blades when starting the engine. 10. Turn off the engine whenever you leave the mower.
  10. Do not allow children or persons unfamiliar with the machine to use the mower.
  11. Do not artificially adjust the governor to make the engine speed too high. Running is dangerous and will shorten the life of the mower. 13. Shut off the engine, remove the spark plug cover and inspect the mower when one of the following occurs:

(1) Abnormal vibration of the lawn mower

(2) When encountering a foreign object

  1. When the cart passes through a gravel driveway, sidewalk, or road, turn off the engine.
  2. When working, push thelawn mowerforward slowly, not too fast.
  3. When mowing grass on slopes, don't go up and down. Be especially careful when turning on slopes. Do not mow grass on very steep slopes.