The principle of electric spray gun

The electric spray gun is an electric tool that sprays various low-viscosity liquids into mist, and is suitable for use with relatively thin polyester paints. The electric spray gun uses an electromagnet to drive the armature, which acts on the piston rod to perform high-speed reciprocating motion, forming an air suction phenomenon, so that the liquid is sucked up from the container. At the same time, high pressure is formed, which is sprayed out by the nozzle at high speed, atomized, and attached to the surface of the object to complete the spraying process. Next, let's take a look with the editor.

How to use the electric spray gun

1. First of all, the newly bought spray guns are generally coated with anti-corrosion oil. We need to clean them with soapy water first.
2. Shake the paint well and pour it into the paint cup. During the process, let the paint drip into the paint cup completely and cover the lid as soon as possible to prevent the paint from decomposing or drying out.
3. When spraying paint, first test whether the traces of spraying on the waste are normal, and then start spraying, and the spray gun should be 12-20 cm away from the surface to be sprayed.
4. The spray gun should always maintain a vertical angle to the surface to be sprayed, keep an equal distance, and move in parallel. Each spray mark should overlap the last one by one-third.
5. The speed of the spray gun should be appropriate, not too fast or too slow. The speed of application from top to bottom should be too fast to avoid paint build-up and sloppy or localized excessive coating.