The electric hammer drill can also be regarded as a type of impact drill. It is specially designed for drilling concrete. When we install air conditioners, water pipes, and some large electrical appliances at home, we need to install expansion screws on the floor, etc. These need to be installed on the concrete. An electric hammer is required when drilling or drilling deep holes.

The rotary force of the electric hammer does not need to be too large when it is working. The impact force is much greater than that of the drill bit, but it is also due to the large impact force, so the vibration will be very large. It is mainly used for concrete, ceilings, When demolishing floors and walls, it cannot be used to punch holes in metal.

The working principle of the electric hammer is relatively complicated, and it is unclear in one or two sentences. Simply put, the internal transmission mechanism drives the drill bit to rotate, and at the same time, it can also have an axial movement, so that a kind of drill can be produced. Hammer action.

It is hammering the concrete surface repeatedly, similar to the effect of a hammer hammering the ground, but the force is also very strong. It is because of the implication of this action that it can completely smash the concrete, so it is called an electric hammer. Its name It is also because of this.

There are many types of electric hammers on the market, and they also integrate a lot of functions. They can be switched to the electric pick state. At this time, the electric hammer is just hammering all the time without rotating. It is mainly used to remove walls, floors, etc. other places to use.