Truck crane: The sharp arm of mobile heavy machinery


Truck crane refers to the crane equipment installed on the chassis of the vehicle, through its own driving to achieve the movement and lifting objects. It not only has the function of a crane, but also has flexibility and portability. So, what are the advantages of the truck crane?


First of all, the truck crane can quickly reach a variety of work sites, improve the work efficiency. Compared with conventional cranes, truck-mounted cranes have better mobility. They can easily drive into tight Spaces or grab multiple points on the construction site, saving time and labor costs.


Secondly, the truck crane also has a better economy. Cranes mounted on the chassis of cars can not only reduce the use of parts, but also effectively save maintenance costs. At the same time, truck-mounted cranes also reduce loading, unloading and assembly time during transportation, reducing labor costs and vehicle dispatch costs.


However, there are some problems that need to be paid attention to when using truck cranes. First of all, according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate model, load and support, to ensure the quality of construction and work efficiency. Secondly, in the operation to strictly abide by the safety procedures, to ensure that the lifting process is stable and safe without accident. Moreover, it is necessary to check and maintain the crane regularly to ensure its safe and reliable operation.


In short, truck crane is a kind of flexible and economical mobile heavy machinery. It can not only improve work efficiency and save costs, but also adapt to various occasions and professional needs, has become an indispensable tool in modern construction.


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