The tool we are going to introduce today is called a sander!

There are many types of sanding machines, including square chassis, rectangular chassis, circular chassis, and triangular chassis. Sanding machines of different shapes have slightly different processing efficiency and processing objects.

This time we are introducing a sander with a square chassis, also called a palm sander.

The reason why it is called palm sand is that it can be operated with one hand for grinding, small and portable, and easy to operate.

In the process of wood processing and production, there are mainly two processing methods:

One is cutting;

One is grinding.

The polishing process plays a vital role in determining whether the woodenware is exquisite or not. So, friends, don't be lazy on polishing!

Alright! Let's continue to introduce today's protagonist - sanding machine!

Let's first get to know the names of the various parts of the sander.

The name of each part of the sanding machine

The sander is mainly used for sanding the wood surface, and the operation of palm sanding is relatively simple.

There are mainly two operating postures:

One is to hold the fuselage;

One is to hold the top cover of the press.

Hand-held sander body for sanding operation, suitable for push-pull operation of large plane opening and closing, fast processing speed.

Hold the top cover of the machine, you can increase the downward pressure, and partially polish the wood surface, which is more efficient.

Because palm sand has a square chassis, it is more suitable for treating the surface of wooden structures with vertical collapse structures, as shown in the following figure:

Are you dazzled?

Don't worry, let's learn a little bit about the names and functions of these parts.

Names and functions of main parts of sanding machine


The components of electric tools are two concepts:

Among the accessories that make up an electric tool, a single accessory that cannot be disassembled is called a part; a combination of parts with certain functions composed of multiple parts is called a component.

For example, a switch is composed of multiple small parts, called components.

Maintenance of sanding machine

Note ①: It is forbidden to use gasoline and carburetor cleaners to clean the bearings, because the grease will be washed away, and the bearing balls will lose their lubrication function, resulting in hard wear and damage to the bearings.

Note ②: The carbon brush will be worn out, and the falling debris and sawdust will remain between the copper sheets of the rotor reversing switch, which will easily cause a short circuit between the copper sheets, reduce the power of the motor, and seriously cause the motor to burn out.

Note ③: Carbon brushes should be checked and replaced regularly. Generally, electric tools are required to work at light load for 100 hours for running-in, before higher load operation can be performed.

The sander will generate a lot of dust during the working process, you should install a dust collection device and wear respiratory protective gear.