Product Label Revolution: Multifunctional Applications of Handheld Inkjet Coding Machines

1. Production and manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, handheld inkjet guns are an important tool. It can quickly and accurately print product information, date, batch number, etc. on the surface of the product, achieving product traceability and management. Whether it's food processing, electronic manufacturing, or automotive component production, handheld inkjet guns can provide efficient labeling solutions, greatly simplifying the workflow on the production line.

2. Logistics delivery

In the field of logistics distribution, it is crucial to quickly and accurately identify packages and goods. Handheld inkjet guns can easily accomplish this task. By printing transportation information, addresses, barcodes, etc. on the packaging and holding a spray gun, logistics employees can quickly identify and classify goods, improve logistics efficiency, and reduce the risk of incorrect delivery.

3. Warehouse management

In warehouse management, handheld inkjet guns also play an important role. By identifying and coding items such as shelves and pallets, warehouse staff can quickly and accurately record and track inventory information, optimizing inventory management processes. At the same time, handheld inkjet guns can also achieve inspection and traceability of product quality, improving the overall supply chain management level.

4. Retail industry

In the retail industry, handheld inkjet guns are widely used in product pricing, promotional signage, and other aspects. Shop assistants can use handheld inkjet guns to add price tags, discount information, and more to their products, enabling quick updates and adjustments. In addition, handheld inkjet guns can also help with inventory management, product traceability, and other work, improving the efficiency and accuracy of retail business.

5. Other fields

In addition to the aforementioned fields, handheld inkjet guns are also widely used in many other industries. For example, the medical industry can use handheld code guns to print the production date and expiration date of pharmaceutical products, achieving safety and traceability in drug management; The electronic product manufacturing industry can use handheld code guns to identify product serial numbers, production dates, and other information, facilitating after-sales service and quality traceability.


Handheld inkjet guns have a wide range of applications in various industries. It can quickly and accurately code, improve work efficiency, reduce error rates, and provide reliable solutions for product traceability, logistics distribution, warehouse management, etc. With the continuous progress of technology, we believe that handheld inkjet guns will continue to play an important role in various industries and bring higher efficiency and competitiveness to enterprises.

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