Our products Portable small stone grinding crusher Suitable for manufacturing plants, construction projects, energy and mining industries, among others. Type is Impact Crusher, Impact Crusher. The motor type is AC motor. Capacity is up to 850 t/h. Origin is China. Weight is 6000 KG. 1 year warranty. Marketing type is general. Mechanical test reports and factory inspection videos can be provided. The warranty period for core components is 1 year. Core components are PLC, pressure vessels, gears, motors, engines, bearings, gearboxes, others. Power consumption is 75(kw). Crushing degree is medium crusher, drive is electric

Detailed display and process Large plant process Many years of production experience Providing you with peace of mind. Stable performance Many years of production experience to provide you with a reassuring product. Widely used in the construction industry, road works, bridge works and other industries.
Performance characteristics.
The stone enters through the inlet and slides down the screen plate. The ore on the screen plate is broken by the carbide hammers on the rotor rotating at high speed during the fall and flies at high speed in the tangential direction towards the liner plate of the abrasive chamber. The liner plate knocks the ore back and collides with other ore thrown from the back of the rotor, causing the ore to continue to be crushed. The material enters the grinding chamber and is crushed by the plate hammers on the rotor and then enters the grinding chamber for continuous crushing. The crushing of the material in the grinding chamber not only creates the crushing of the material, but also completes the shaping of the material in the grinding chamber until the particles become the required size and the shaped sand is discharged through the outlet.
Title to this.
(1) Small discharge size, uniform particle size and high production capacity.
(2) Long service life of hammer head and small supporting power.
(3) Simple process, simple structure, easy maintenance and stable operation.
(4) The investment in equipment is lower than that of traditional process equipment of the same scale, and the output efficiency is higher than that of traditional process equipment of the same scale (taking limestone as an example: the size of the primary finished product is ≤5mm); the long-term operation and maintenance cost is lower than that of traditional process equipment of the same scale.
(5) Adopting hydraulic push-pull type to open the cavity, it is easy to replace wear-resistant parts, reduce labour cost and labour intensity. Thus reducing the production cost