Innovating Agriculture: The Impact of Small Manual Seeders

          Equipped with a high-precision seeder, the precision can achieve one hole, one grain, and multiple grains (according to different needs), and the spacing/depth of the plants can be adjusted as needed. Characteristics; Convenient. Ditching, sowing, covering with soil, completed in one go, can sow various small grain vegetables and seeds such as carrots, turnips, sugar beets, onions, taro, spinach, green shoots, heading cabbage, asparagus, sunflowers, lettuce, celery, cabbage, bok choy, scallions, snow red, rapeseed, chili peppers, broccoli, rapeseed, etc. Suitable for all dry field crop ridge operations. It is a product for farmers to achieve agricultural mechanization.

       The working principle of the millet precision seeder is to precisely control the number of seeds to be sown through the local seeding control system. During sowing, the seeds are spaced according to the quantity, and a relatively regular single seed is discharged into a soil layer with a better emergence environment. The natural and reasonable spacing between seedlings reduces the labor and labor of manual squatting and spacing, and the sowing efficiency is more than 15 times that of manual sowing. Save 4-5 days of thinning seedlings per acre. Large area planting saves 400-500 yuan per acre in artificial seedling spacing fees. And due to the robust emergence of individual seedlings, the yield per mu increased by 10-20%. Integrating "labor saving, planting saving, time saving, labor saving, soil moisture saving, soil moisture preservation, fertilizer saving, water saving, uniform, uniform, complete, strong, high-quality, and increased yield".Seeding when the machine moves forward and not sowing when it moves backward, reducing seed waste.

1. Scope of application: Seeds that can be sown: Carrots, cherry radishes, white radishes, red radishes, turnips, sugar beets, onions, spinach, green shoots, heading cabbage, asparagus, sunflowers, lettuce, celery, cabbage, bok choy, baby bok choy, cauliflower, scallions, snow red, sesame, rapeseed, chili peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, rapeseed flowers, millet, soybeans, wheat, feed grass, and other small and medium-sized seeds.

2. Sowing method: precision sowing. Number of rows: can be produced from single to six rows. Row spacing: adjustable. Processing customization: yes

3. Advantages of seeder: Seeds (plant spacing, plant box (transparent and can confirm the number of seeds at any time)

The seed box cover can measure the size of seeds. One touch seed box disassembly

Sowing wheel (suitable sowing wheel can be selected based on seed size and required plant spacing)

According to the number of rows purchased, we only provide sowing wheels with the corresponding number of rows; Example 1: One sowing wheel for a row of seeders, three sowing wheels for a row of seeders, and so on.

Method for selecting a sowing wheel: You can choose the appropriate sowing wheel based on the required seed size and plant spacing

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