1. Choose the right electric drill according to how much space you want to drill

Note: If the hole is relatively large, it can be drilled multiple times in one minute. First, a relatively small hole should be drilled, and then a larger one will be fine. That is, it is good to expand the hole slowly, so as to ensure the hole The precision and position accuracy of

2. Knock a positioning hole with a drill bit at the place where the hole needs to be drilled, so that the drill bit can drill more stable

3. The third step is to install the drill bit on the electric drill

Points of attention: Be sure to clamp, or the chuck must be clamped to prevent loosening during the drilling process, which will be very dangerous, and the drill bit may fly out, so be sure to clamp it

4. Finally, it is enough to start drilling against the positioning hole in the second step. With the help of the positioning hole, it will never be missed again, and it will be very stable at one point.

Note: Do not shake your hands during the drilling process, and hold the handle of the electric drill tightly so that you can drill holes safely

5. If the last hole needs to be reamed, just replace it with a larger drill bit and continue drilling.
Well, the above is the complete punching step. This method needs to be operated by yourself to feel his method. I also operate in this way myself.

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