Structure and features of the edge banding machine. The edge banding machine is mainly used for edge banding of panel furniture. It is characterized by automation, high efficiency, high precision and aesthetics. It has been widely used in Chinese panel furniture manufacturers.
The structure of the edge banding machine mainly includes the fuselage, each processing department group, and the control system.

1. The body part of the edge banding machine, the important part related to the accuracy is the upper and lower beams, because it is related to whether the processed plate can run in a straight line to ensure that each processing group can work precisely. There are two main types of beams:
1. Aluminum alloy material, one-time drawing casting
2. Cast iron beams. Among them, the aluminum alloy beam is a relatively advanced method, because the precision and straightness are far superior to cast iron. The design of aluminum alloy beams is mainly a few large-scale manufacturers. Imported models basically adopt a similar structure.
Second, the key part of the fuselage, the fuselage base. The more advanced way is to laser cut the steel plate and weld it at one time. The advantage is that the fuselage is firm and does not deform, thereby increasing the stability of the whole machine. The relatively backward way is to weld the skeleton, and then add steel plates. The disadvantage is that the stability is relatively poor, and the price is a bit low.
3. All major manufacturers of CNC modules can independently design, most of which have applied for patent protection, and the feeding speed has reached the world's advanced level.
4. The structures of the ministries and groups are basically similar. The corresponding department groups can be added or reduced according to the actual processing needs. Among them, the technical difficulty of profiling tracking is high. Although the mechanical processing technology guarantees the precision of parts, but due to the need for precise control of PLC actions, knife engagement, and profiling angle, there are only a few major manufacturers that compare profiling tracking. Mature.