The origin of our products crane truck is China, and the warranty period is one year. The core components are pressure vessels, motors, others, bearings, gears, pumps, gearboxes, and engines. The weight is 41000 kg. 1. Truck cranes are cranes installed on the chassis of ordinary cars or special trucks. 1. The cab and the hoisting control room are set separately. 2. The advantages of this crane are good mobility and fast handling. 3. The disadvantage is that the legs must be supported during work and cannot be driven with a load. It is not suitable for working on loose or muddy ground. 4. The chassis performance of the truck-mounted crane is equivalent to that of a truck with the same weight of the whole vehicle, which meets the technical requirements of road vehicles and can pass through various types of cranes. 5. Such cranes generally have two control rooms for getting on and off. 6. The lifting capacity range is large, from 8 tons to 1600 tons, and the number of axles on the chassis can be from 2 to 10. It is the most widely used crane with good output.
Gainjoys Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comboard Group. It is a professional manufacturer, R&D, OEM, ODM, wholesale, retail, exporter, polishing machine, tablet press, packaging machine, mask machine, counting machine, polishing machine, tablet press, packaging machine, mask machine (capacity 150 pieces/min), etc.
We believe that quality is the foundation of business survival, and since the establishment of the company, the whole company has insisted on this, only providing high-quality products. The group company has the qualifications of international government agencies such as GMP CE IS0, and its products are exported to more than 150 international government agencies such as GMP CE IS0. The group company has always been one of the fastest growing companies in China. Our company has been able to maintain rapid growth over the past 20 years because of the comfort and care we treat our customers. With mature technology and excellent quality, our machines have been widely recognized at home and abroad.