Fully automatic roller plate blister machine: a sharp tool for automated packaging

      The fully automatic roller plate blister machine is a device used for packaging products, which can automatically complete the entire process of blister packaging, including film cutting, product positioning, film forming, and sealing operations. This type of equipment is widely used in industries such as food, medicine, and chemical engineering, which can effectively improve packaging efficiency and protect product quality.

The working principle of the fully automatic roller plate blister machine mainly includes the following steps:

Blanking: Firstly, place the cover film coil on the equipment and feed the cover film into the equipment through the automatic feeding system.

Product positioning: The products to be packaged enter the working area of the blister machine through a conveyor belt, and the equipment will automatically position them based on the size and shape of the product, ensuring that the film can fully cover the surface of the product.

Mask forming: The equipment will heat and stretch the mask to the appropriate size, and then cover it on the surface of the product to ensure that the product can be completely wrapped by the mask.

Sealing: Once the cover film is in place, the equipment will automatically perform sealing operation, fixing the cover film on the surface of the product to ensure the integrity and sealing of the packaging.

The fully automatic roller blister machine is widely used for packaging products of various shapes and sizes, such as food boxes, drug bottles, cosmetics, etc. Compared to manual packaging, the fully automatic roller blister machine can greatly improve packaging efficiency, reduce labor costs, and also ensure packaging consistency and quality stability.

Overall, the fully automatic roller blister machine, through an automated packaging process, can improve production efficiency, reduce packaging costs, and protect product quality. It is one of the indispensable and important equipment in modern industrial production.

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