Marketing Type New Product 2020.Core Components Engine, Motor, Gear.
Key Selling Points Energy saving.Weight 60 KG.Color Customer's Request.
packing Wood Case.working time 24Hours.After-sales Service Provided Online Support.Noise Low Noise Drying Oven.Feature Easy Operation.Application Fish Farm.Name fish pond oxygenator.
Automatic oxygenator · Multiple upgrades
Product Details Description
01 Water cover design
The pump body can be frozen and anti fall after treatment, durable and novel appearance, light volume and convenient installation
02 Motor Design
Selection of good material processing, small size, durable appearance simple, changed the traditional cooling method 03 float
The float is made of good materials, durable and suitable for users' needs
04 Impeller
Thickened impeller design, strong power, durable, strong applicability
Points to note:
1. The power cable should be waterproof cable with movable rubber sleeve.
2. Observe whether the motor running direction is correct within a few seconds after starting, such as timely adjustment of reversal.
3. There should be no metal wire, rope, plastic bag and other fiber sundries in the water body of the equipment operation, so as to avoid entangling the impeller and blocking the water inlet and other parts.
The equipment can be equipped with electrical control system before delivery. When the control system automatically cuts off the power supply during work, it is necessary to find out the cause in time and start after troubleshooting. It must not be started after short circuit.
Oxygenator · Instructions for use