Carton sealing and labeling machine

Basic use:

Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for labeling formed and unformed drug boxes, it improves labeling efficiency, reduces labor costs, and real-time printing of label information to eliminate human errors. It provides an effective practical tool for logistics monitoring applications and product quality traceability QR code label printing in various industries

Product features:
The overall material of the equipment is stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the mechanism design is stable and easy to operate, and the layout is beautiful and generous;
Adopting globally renowned electrical components, with stable quality;
Paste transparent labels without bubbles, and adhesive labels without wrinkles;
Top pressure device: Adopting a flexible top pressure device ensures the stability of the box body during labeling, greatly improving labeling accuracy;
Marking device: Adopting stainless steel sealing and bending structure or brush marking cylinder structure, with good effect, fast and stable speed;
Can complete four sealing and labeling forms (upper surface sealing, lower surface sealing, and two diagonal sealing and labeling);

Operating system:

Multifunctional human-machine operation interface, production counting, parameter adjustment, and other visual monitoring;
Has rich help functions and fault display functions;
Capable of automatically detecting label length and other functions;


Flexible selection of configurations such as hot stamping printers or inkjet printers;
Dedicated sensors for transparent and opaque labels;
The box has a labeling detection and removal function, and the remaining labeling alarm function;

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