Filling and capping machines are suitable for other industries such as manufacturing plants, and the packaging materials are plastic and glass. The voltage is 220V. Weight 97 kg. Size (length*width*height) 1400*870*800mm. Brand name Gainjoys. The core components are the motor, pump and PLC.
The advanced man-machine interface of the filling and capping machine can store and adjust the operation data. It adopts a high-purity, high-cleanliness, and corrosion-resistant ceramic pump, which integrates valveless filling, capping and capping, which is easy to use.
Gainjoys Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kangbode Group Corporation. It is a professional manufacturer, R&D, OEM, ODM, wholesale, retail and exporting company. machine, polishing machine, tablet press, packaging machine, mask machine (capacity 150 pieces/min), etc.