Our products Farm plough machine Condition is new. Type is farm cultivator. The type of power is gasoline engine. Machine type is tractor PTO. warranty period is 1 year. Weight is 200 KG. dimensions (L*W*H) are 1.5x1.2x0.8 m. The main selling point is the long service life, we provide mechanical test reports and factory inspection videos. The warranty period of core components is 1 year. Applicable industries are manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, farms, home use, etc. Working width is 20-30 cm.

1. We choose the better material 65Mn as blade material, after heat treatment, the hardness of the disc is 38-44, which is enough for wear resistance.
Sufficient wear resistance and hardness.
2. This kind of pipe frame disc plow can have a deep depth, working depth can reach 25-30 cm.
3. It does not obstruct the soil and does not hurt the grass, and is suitable for uncultivated land.