1. Before drilling, it must be ensured that the tool is fully installed and there is no loose or unclamped phenomenon.
2. When using a magnetic drill machine to drill holes, it must be ensured that there is no iron filings under the magnetic block of the drill, the adsorption surface is flat, and the machine does not swing or not completely absorb.
3. The whole process from the beginning of drilling to the completion of drilling should be kept sufficiently cooled without interruption. Short cooling may easily cause tool chipping.
4. At the beginning of drilling, the feed should be slow and steady, and the feed speed can be accelerated after cutting 1~2MM. Properly slow down the speed of the knife when the knife is out, and keep the knife in evenly during the middle cutting process.
5. The reasonable linear speed of the cutting edge should be more than 40 meters per minute, and the minimum should not be lower than 30 meters. At the same time, cemented carbide is a high-hardness material. The blade should be prevented from bumping during storage and use, and impact should be prevented during use.
6. The sharp impact of the newly purchased hollow drill bit will cause the edge to chip slightly. It is recommended that the first dozens of holes when starting to use a new knife should be particularly careful about the impact, and the knife should be fed slowly to prevent chipping. After the blade is naturally passivated It can be used normally, which can greatly extend the service life of the tool.
7. If the machine stops due to boredom during the drilling process, first cut off the power supply, turn the tool slightly in the reverse direction manually, so that the blade of the hollow drill bit is out of the cutting area, and then lift the motor to remove the tool. After checking that there is no abnormality, the operation can be restarted. When there are too many iron filings wrapped around the cutter body, it can be removed with a hook after retracting the cutter.
8. The center thimble is used for the ejector core. There should be no obvious jump when using it. If the thimble is found to be bent, it should be replaced in time. When the core material does not pop out after drilling, you can slightly tap the bottom of the core material to assist the core material to pop out. If the core material cannot be ejected, the cutter can be removed, and the core material can be taken out by slightly hitting the core material with the small hole in the handle. Pay attention to safety during the process of taking the core material, and do not hurt the blade.
9. If there is a lot of resistance when drilling a deep hole, the tool can be withdrawn several times to assist the tool in chip removal. The whole drilling process must ensure safety and pay attention to protection.