Hand pushed vegetable seeder for single row and double row seed precision sowing

(1) Scope of application: Seeds that can be sown: Carrots, cherry radishes, white radishes, red radishes, turnips, sugar beets, onions, spinach, green shoots, heading cabbage, asparagus, sunflowers, lettuce, celery, cabbage, bok choy, baby bok choy, cabbage, scallions, snow red, sesame, rapeseed, chili peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, rapeseed flowers, millet, soybeans, wheat, feed grass, and other small and medium-sized seeds.

(2) Advantages of seeders: Seeds (plant spacing, plant spacing, drop depth, number of drops) can be regulated; Ditching, planting, covering with soil, and pressing in one step; It can be streamed or on-demand.

(3) Product features:

1. Trenching, sowing, soil covering, and compaction can be completed in one go.

2 built-in power seeders, suitable for large-scale operations.The dense planting effect of

3 small seeds.

4.Easy to operate and agile to turn.The spacing between

5 sowing plants, row spacing, and depth can all be adjusted.

6.By replacing the sowing wheel with the same model, different seeds can be sown, and one machine comes with two sets of wheels.

7. Anti static design, using special materials to make sowing wheels, anti-static, and precise seeding.

8 rows of machines, the seeder can be freely assembled and disassembled to increase or decrease the number of rows.

 9 compaction wheels are designed without sticking to soil, reducing resistance and making it more labor-saving in front and rear large rotation.

10 hand push style is lightweight and flexible, suitable for sowing in mountainous, hilly, and sloping areas.

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