Let’s briefly talk about electric circular saws and jigsaws.

The jig saw is relatively safe, and it is reciprocating during work, which means that half of the stroke is invalid, and the noise and vibration are relatively large. If you often do some small repair work, the workload is not large, and all you buy are finished light materials or wooden squares, etc., jigsaw is a good choice.

The circular motion of the electric circular saw, the high speed of 5,000 revolutions, the cutting efficiency is very high, the rigidity of the saw blade is relatively high, and the saw road is relatively smooth and clean. Although there may be edge chipping sometimes, it can be solved by some techniques. The most common usage of electric circular saw is to cut standard boards with a thickness of about 2cm and then match them with oblique hole punchers or round wooden tenon three-in-one kits to make panel furniture. However, if the force of the hand-push electric circular saw is uneven and cannot go straight, the saw will be pinched, the saw will be jammed, and even a dangerous rebound, or kick back, will occur.

If you're a beginner, a jigsaw will fit your needs well from a safety standpoint.