Our products can realize dynamic attitude control with high power and high speed ratio. The mesh knitting function of different sections in the same row can meet the high-speed operation of different .64-segment selection, the highest speed up to 1.2M / S, using AC servo motorcontrol, servo motor using precision back to control and combine, high-speedcomputing power of the digital signal processing (DSP), control IGBT to generatecurrent output.Controlled by AC servo motor, needle shifting range up to 2 inches with accuratefine adjustment at the same timeThe probe alarm safety device realizes the up and down, left and right swingalarm function, breaking through the current flat knitting machine field of theprobe single left and right swing to achieve its detection function.Triangular composite design, single/dual system can turn the needle alone orat the same time, or one system can turn the needle while the other system knits.
GainJoys Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. Is a whlly-owned subsidiary of Comeboard Group Company, whichis specializing in manufacturing, R&D, OEM, ODM, wholesaling, retailing and export of capsule flling machine, labeling machine,fllig machine, counting machine, polishing machine, tablet pressing machine, packing machine, mask making machine (capacity of 150pieces/min), etc.
We believe that Quality is the existence foundation of an enterprise, and the whole company insists on that point sincethe company was founded, to only supply products with excellent quality. Our group company has highly qualified bymany international governmental institutions such as GMP CE ISO etc. Our products have been exported to over 150countries, Including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, Korea and South Africa etc. The group company has been one ofthe fastest growing companies In China. The reason why our company keeps growing rapidly for the past 20years is thatwe treat our clients comfortably and carefully. With mature technology and excellent quality, our machines are widelyrecognized both at home and abroad.