The medicinal material harvester is a very important medicinal material machinery at present. The medicinal material harvester not only saves labor but also makes the harvesting of Chinese medicinal materials more convenient and fast. With the continuous understanding and understanding of it, the demand is also increasing.

Commonly used medicinal material harvesters are vibrating screen type, chain type and vibrating screen chain compound type. The price of the vibrating screen type is low, but it has a lot of leakage, which is suitable for large rhizome medicinal material harvesters; the chain type has a good separation effect, but the depth of digging is relatively shallow, generally about 25 cm, and the scope of use is small; the vibrating screen chain composite type is suitable for Strong performance, deep digging, good separation effect, saving manpower but high price.

The medicinal material harvester is easy to use. After the machine is used to dig the medicinal materials, the tractor can also bring other agricultural machinery. Compared with the self-propelled all-in-one machine, the price is economical, the energy consumption is less, and the resources are less occupied. usability.