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Optical welding masks, also known as auto-darkening welding helmets or welding shields, are specialized protective gear used by welders to safeguard their eyes and face during welding operations. These masks incorporate advanced technology to provide improved visibility, comfort, and safety compared to traditional welding helmets.

The primary function of an optical welding mask is to protect the welder's eyes from the intense light, heat, and potentially harmful radiation generated during welding processes. It achieves this through an auto-darkening lens that automatically adjusts its optical properties in response to the welding arc.

Here's how an optical welding mask typically works:

Auto-Darkening Lens: The mask's lens is made of a liquid crystal display (LCD) filter that darkens when an electric current is applied. When the welder is not actively welding, the lens remains in a light state, allowing for clear vision and visibility of the surroundings.

Sensors: The mask is equipped with sensors that detect the arc light. These sensors send signals to the electronic control unit of the mask, which triggers the darkening process.

Darkening Response: When the sensors detect the bright welding arc, the auto-darkening lens darkens within milliseconds, protecting the welder's eyes from the intense light. The lens typically adjusts to a shade level suitable for the specific welding process being performed.

Shade Adjustment: Most optical welding masks offer adjustable shade levels, allowing welders to set the darkness level according to their specific needs. This feature is particularly useful when working with different welding techniques or materials that require varying levels of protection.

Light State: Once the welding arc extinguishes, the lens returns to a light state, providing clear vision for the welder to assess their workpiece, prepare for the next weld, or move to a different location.

Benefits of optical welding masks:

Eye Protection: The auto-darkening lens provides reliable protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, preventing eye injuries such as welder's flash or arc eye. It eliminates the need for welders to frequently lift the helmet, reducing the risk of accidental exposure.

Comfort and Convenience: Optical welding masks are generally lighter and more ergonomic than traditional helmets, offering increased comfort during long welding sessions. Welders can keep the mask in the down position at all times, which improves productivity by eliminating the need to repeatedly lift and lower the helmet.

Enhanced Visibility: The ability to maintain a light state when not actively welding allows welders to have better visibility of their work environment, reducing the chances of accidents and improving overall situational awareness.

Efficiency and Precision: By automatically adjusting the lens darkness, optical welding masks enable welders to maintain optimal vision and focus on the welding task at hand, resulting in improved weld quality and accuracy.

Overall, optical welding masks are an essential piece of safety equipment for welders, offering superior eye protection, comfort, and increased efficiency. They have become the preferred choice in many industries and are a significant advancement over traditional welding helmets.

Optical Class
Filter Size
Active Viewing Area
Light Shade
Dark Shade
Shade Control
External Variable
Switching Time
Sensitivity Adjustment
Stepless Control
Delay Time
Power Supply
Rated Capacity of Li-battery
Replaceable battery
Operating Temperature
Arc Sensor
UV/IR Protection
Low Volume Alarm
Grind Functinon
True colour
Mask Material
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Top helmet optical class 1/1/1/1 digital welding mask