Agricultural Corn Wheat Planting Machine Soybean Precision Seeder Corn pneumatic corn planter

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used to sow cornthe seed dariner has high sowing precision and can operate at high speed
Precise hole spacing, uniform seedling division, small competition, full play of individual advantages, vigorous crop growth and high yield.The whole machine can change the plant spacing.
Functions of precision corn seeder
It has a precision seeder that is not available in other machines. It can adjust the plant spacing of seeds and the number of seeds. It can adapt to different crop planting methods. For example, peanut, soybean, red bean, mung bean, corn, millet, rice, cotton seed, pea and other granular materials can meet the sowing demand of various grains under different control of seed quantity and plant spacing!for the 4 rows.

Main Feature 1) Feed outlet is driven by gear, There is an anti-reverse mechanism at the inside of driving gear to avoid troubles arising from machine reverse turning. 2) May adjust rows spacing by adjusting different driven gears. 3) Can pick out the whole disc cover when clear the seeds. 4) Seeds clearance is convenient and thoroughly 5) The machine have the characteristics of narrow trenching\moisture, and the fertilizers front side spreading is suitable the machine can match a wide range of tractors.

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Agricultural Corn Wheat Planting Machine Soybean Precision Seeder Corn pneumatic corn planter