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Ditching machine is a multi-functional micro-tillage machine, suitable for green onion, ginger, strawberry, sugar cane, pepper, potato, tobacco, and other crops ditching, soil. Ditching machine can not only be used for ditching, in the general rack for different operating parts, can be ditching, ridging, soil, medicine, sowing, weeding, fertilization, mulching, pumping, rotary tillage, soil loosening and other operations. Good ditching effect: 1,the width and depth are adjustable, and the cutter will be configured according to your width requirements.
2, multi-function: more than 20 functions, a machine multi-purpose, do not repeat purchase, save money.
3, durable: thickened fuselage, very wear-resistant
4, fuel-efficient
5, Fast speed
6, high temperature resistance: can work continuously for a long time, save time.
7, safety: the whole machine structure design is reasonable, all the steel body thickened, the use of very safe, worry.
8, horsepower: high speed time saving.
9, easy to operate: the operator handle is flexible, can adjust the height up and down, and can rotate 360 degrees, suitable for operation in any direction, save labor.
10, small and flexible
11, strong applicability: suitable for all kinds of mountains, hills, plains, dry fields, paddy fields, greenhouses, orchards, and narrow operations, worry.
12, suitable for all kinds of soil: hard soil, clay, black land, mountain, soft soil can be used.

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ditching machine