2nd hand truck crane Xugong truck crane 20tonUsed cranes mobile crane 20 ton

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FeaturesUsed crane, weight 20 tons. Condition is used, for construction applications
Warranty: 1 year. Model 20 tonne used crane. Core components pressure vessels, motors, others, bearings, gears, pumps, gearboxes, engines, PLC.Our company has these cranes from brands such as Zoomlion, Komatsu, KATO, Sany, and Tano for you to choose from.
Overall dimensions
Maximum rated lifting weight
Maximum lifting height
Engine model
Gearbox model
6-speed transmission
Braking System
automatically air-cut brake
Steering mechanism
Hydraulic Power Steering
Boom size
Slewing bearing
Internal tooth 1.4m
Slewing mechanism
planetary steering
5 full hydraulic outriggers (double section)
Outrigger span
Outrigger span (single)
biliateral pilot-controlled valve
working lamp
Hydraulic pump
Double pump 50/40
Oil electric amphibious
15KW IP6-pole motor 40/32
Boom structure type
7m x 6section
Main hoisting mechanism
12T winch
Secondary hoisting mechanism
8T winch

1.Truck crane is a kind of crane which is installed on the chassis of ordinary car or special truck. Its driving cab and lifting control room are set separately.
2.The advantages of this kind of crane are good mobility and rapid transfer.
3.The disadvantage is that they have to support their legs when working, they can't drive with load, and they are not suitable for working on soft or muddy ground.
4.The chassis performance of the truck crane is equivalent to the truck with the same total vehicle weight, which meets the technical requirements of road vehicles, so it can pass through all kinds of roads without obstruction.
5.This kind of crane is generally equipped with two control rooms for getting on and off the train.
6.The range of lifting capacity is large, ranging from 8 tons to 1600 tons, and the number of axles on the chassis can be from 2 to 10. It is the most widely used crane type with good output.

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2nd hand truck crane Xugong truck crane 20tonUsed cranes mobile crane 20 ton